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Data Protection and Privacy Notice

Jeremy Carne, Psychotherapist

To comply with data protection regulations I have set out here why and how I collect your data. Please excuse the formal language on this page.


I am a psychotherapist registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


I (Jeremy Carne, collect your data in order to provide a psychotherapy service and comply with associated professional, operational, legal and insurance requirements. The data may be provided face-to-face, by email, website usage and contact forms, telephone, Zoom or other applications. It may include contact details, client notes covering assessment, history, ongoing progress, questionnaires, and such other information as is needed to provide the service and meet compliance requirements. You may also consent to anonymised or pseudonymised data being used for research with the aim of improving the service, and contributing to wider understanding of psychotherapy.

I keep your data confidential except in specific circumstances such as: if I believe there is risk of serious harm to yourself or others; disclosures of terrorism, money-laundering or other regulatory or indemnity requirements; supervision.


Psychotherapists are expected to appoint a supervisor and practice executor, to help ensure the quality of practice, and to assist clients in the event that their therapist becomes ill, unable to practice, or dies. I share your data with them to the extent required for these purposes.


Electronic client notes are encrypted and/or password-protected on my electronic devices. Cloud, email or web servers may be located outside the EU. Paper notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet.

I keep data for a number of years after we finish working together, or for as long as, in my professional judgement, is necessary for the purpose of providing the service and compliance. I then delete it. In considering the retention duration I aim to balance the requirements of regulations and indemnity with pragmatic professional and ethical practise.




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