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How long will we work together?

It is possible to set a fixed number of sessions but I generally work on an open-ended basis, and we finish when you feel ready.

Assessment usually takes two sessions. The first assessment session is free if you decide not to go further.


If, during assessment or later, I feel that I am not the right therapist for you, I will try to suggest other sources of help.

Next step?


To go to the contact form and arrange an initial conversation, please click this button:

Session arrangements and fees 


After an initial phone conversation, if I have availability, we can meet for an assessment. The assessment process helps us decide whether to work together. Assessment costs £240.


Sessions are at the same time each week, last 50 minutes and cost £80 per session.


We may agree to meet once a week or twice a week.


I have no evening or weekend sessions available.

Sessions continue to be online using Zoom.

Note - In the unlikely event that internet access is interrupted during an online session I will email you another link so that we can resume the session. If email is not possible I will try to contact you by telephone. If internet access is not restored during your session time I may be able to offer you a replacement session later that week. If I have no replacement sessions available we will continue at your regular time the following week.

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